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How it works

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Science of Coaching (SOC) - The SOC is applicable to all endeavours of performance and helps individuals internalise what they need to focus on. This enables individuals to look at different aspects of performance without getting overwhelmed. Koach.AI is all about SOC.

  • Lead by exploration
  • Stimulates introspection
  • Focuses on demonstration
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Goal Directed behaviour - The phrase "What's in it for me" (WIIFM) has becoming extremely popular in recent times. With Individuals getting to choose what they wish to work upon and being in greater control of their desired outcomes on the Koach.AI platform, the WIIFM is well answered.

  • From the Harvard Competency Matrix
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Alignment with organisation
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Personalisation- The recognition that each individual is unique and the unique pathways that they choose to development and performance is critical to ensure success. The Koach.AI platform has a very large number of unique pathways to success.

  • Individual pathways to success
  • Goal choices basis aspirations
  • One-on-one human coach
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Social & Collaborative - In today's world, success has a significant social interaction associated with it. With the world getting more integrated the need to work with, and leverage others is key to success. The Koach.AI platform provides avenues of human engagement beyond the digital world.

  • Share growth aspects
  • Validate performance
  • Human coach chats
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Scalable - The Koach.AI platform can be used as a performance tool across the organisation to provide the benefits of the science of coaching to all parts of the organisation at a fraction of thecost of coaching.

  • On demand subscription
  • Standardised across the organisation
  • Human-AI interface
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Deep Insights - The heart of any organisation driving performance is an insight into the workforce that goes beyond the obvious. It is to make the collective greater than the sum of its parts. Koach.AI provides qualitative insights for organisation development.

  • Collective inferences
  • High value behaviour data
  • Informed decision making