We model careers from an individual to large scale

Our services cater to

For Institutes

Enable Job Readiness of Students

Provide the right set of employability skills
The right mix of individual mentoring & up-skilling
Make carrier conversations an integral part of your curriculum
Help students be career ready from day 1 of their jobs
Provide them personalised support on this journey

For Social Sector

Drive livelihood initiatives on scale

A comprehensive partnership in deploying employability skills on scale
A proven blended approach that extends the learning experience for the user
Enables strong personalisation of user needs across they skilling journey
Drives self learning as important aspect of development
Provides the user with the ability to reflect on their development

For Impact Funders

Enable transformation of your portfolio

Leverage the capabilities of a blended platform that is scalable
Life & employability skills, a fulcrum of livelihood seamlessly delivered
Leveraging the best of technology and human engagement
Increase the capabilities of organisation supported
Being an integral part of a crucial platform for development


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