What is Koach.AI

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AI Led Conversation

  • Our coach-bot avatars use the science of coaching to enable desired outcomes for each individual and keep them on track to achieve their goals.
  • With individuals discovering their own pathways to development, the conversation is personalised to each individual in a unique manner.
  • Conversations that account for peoples aspirations and benefits they seek, apart from challenges that they need to overcome to succeed.
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Human Element

  • The Koach.AI platform builds on real connections by enabling human 1-1 coaching, that takes the involvement beyond pure digital engagement.
  • It drives collaborative actions that take into account that goals need to be achieved as part of a team and organisation.
  • It helps individuals validate their successes and reach others in the journey of improving their own performance.
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Organisational Insights

  • We offer alignment of people potential to organisational performance through consolidated reports and unique parameter data sets.
  • The breakdown of data correlations can help organisations in many areas from hiring, reward & recognition and policy.
  • Extrapolated insights could help organisations make much larger sense of the highly qualitative data that the Koach.AI platform provides.