Leverage the power of coaching AI

The Koach Platform

The platform enables customised coaching for all using AI bot conversations .We will help you create an experience completely unique to your organisation for your people.

What the platform enables

Coaching Path Based On an assessment outcome

Coaching for preparation of specific roles

Democratised coaching for all through mobile app

Master list with elements that are relevant to your organisation

Linear as well as non-linear learning paths as per your needs

Flexible conversation models for more personalized learning

Integration of role dictionaries and competencies

Highlighting content through conversations

Conversation types on the platform

Strength conversations
Helps you understand your top strengths and the ones you want to achieve

Aspiration Conversations
Helps you arrive at the aspirations you want to achieve through your career

Goal conversations
Helps you understand various aspects of a specific goal and work towards it

Practice conversations
Helps you practice specific skills through focused short conversations

Quick help conversations
Helps you navigate challenges that you face or potential challenges through focused conversations

Assessment conversations
Helps you review your learning and calibrate how you want to proceed

Our current conversations enable you to work on



Skill Pillars







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