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What is Koach.AI

Koach.AI is a conversation led platform that uses the science of coaching to help people achieve goals (Read More...)

AI Led App

Chat with a coach-bot to enable performance

Human Element

Live chat with a coach and collaborate with colleagues

Organisational Insights

Human potential and performance data reporting

How can Koach.AI help

Koach.AI benefits employees through goal directed behaviour and qualitative data led decision making for enterprises (Read More...)

Performance Improvement

Improved individual performance leading to collective improvement of organisational performance

Employee Engagement

An easy to use conversational chat tool that provides career and professional guidance to everyone

Organisation Design

Detailed and qualitative insights into design and development of all things that impact any organisation

How does Koach.AI work

Accessible to being available anytime anywhere today is not a desire, but a need in order to enable performance across the organisation (Read More...)

Science of Coaching

Applicable to all endeavours of performance and helps individuals internalise what they need to focus on

Goal Directed behaviour

"What's in it for me"(WIIFM) for Individuals – allowing them to choose what they wish to work upon and aiding their aspirations


Recognition that each individual is unique and that the pathways that they choose to development and performance are unique

Social & Collaborative

Nowadays success has significant social interaction - with the world getting integrated the need to work with & leverage others is key


A performance tool across the organisation at a fraction of the cost of coaching

Deep Insights

The heart of any organisation driving performance is an insight into it's people that goes beyond the obvious

Who are we

Team Koach.AI is a diverse bunch of people that encompasses behaviour, technology, consulting and above all humaneness.
(Read More...)