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Alisha SYKES

Meet Alisha!

She was one of the youths who took part in our Life Skills Training Program intended to help with employability. Hailing from a small village, Alisha moved to the big city after her marriage. To keep up with the city life, she felt a great need to upskill herself. As Alisha transitioned to the role of a mother, she realised the need to be a role model to her daughter and provide for her in every way possible.

Alisha’s motivation and drive to succeed was apparent in her constant pursuit of self-development. Showing great willingness, Alisha approached the mentors for tips and feedback, and consistently improved herself. As the program progressed, she showed exemplary communication skills with both the mentors and her peers.

By the end of the program, Alisha developed a range of Life Skills through consistent app learning. She is currently working as a Customer Service Representative at SYKES.

The skills I learnt on the app helped me handle situations at my company like managing time and people. I was able to communicate my points to each and everyone without overthinking or feeling shy.

P. Sruthi

Associate, Wipro

I have learnt a lot of things from group activities like planning and teamwork. By taking part in it, I was able to think about different ideas and work on it to come up with the best outcome.

Tanya Agarwal

Associate, Wipro

Mentor chat allowed me to express myself freely. I eagerly waited for mentor chats every week to interact with the mentors. Even without my realisation, I improved upon my skills and English.

Jalluri Yamuna Rani

AdWords specialist, Wipro

Through the app, I liked and learnt a lot about the skill of adaptability. It taught me how to manage myself in different situations. I learnt how to face and overcome difficult situations by being positive

M. Ramya

Production specialist, Wipro

The app helped me learn a lot about the skills communication and problem solving. Because of these skills, I was able to communicate with customers in my job easily and solve their problems

Veeravalli Lavanya

Telecaller, Kotak Bank

The Koach App is very interesting to operate. It is helping me understand various skills like communication, adaptability. These skills are useful to adapt to different people at work and also to communicate with them to build teamwork and coordination.

Sam Danold

Gouri Shankar

Associate, Wipro

Karishma Shaik

Associate, Wipro

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