Building Employability For Real India

We make careers and ambitions of Real India’s youth come true at Koach.AI

From thinking about a career, to getting their first job and flying towards their dreams, Koach.AI acts as a mentor, guide and coach to help achieve those dreams.

Focus on the 5 skills that are essential to your career

We build a variety of skills in these 5 important dimensions that are essential to the youth's career through our conversations, content and assessments.

Manage Self

Manage Others

Growth Mindset

Professional Awareness

Overcome Challenges


We are with you at every step of the way of reaching your goals

Our foundation is the science of coaching, which applies to all endeavors of performance and helps individuals internalise what they need to focus on.

Upskill yourself with a human & tech blend

Access our growth in multiple platforms.

KoachUp App

The KoachUp is your guide in this journey that bridges all the channels with its conversational AI.
Goal led coaching pedagogy that focuses on improvement
A wide variety of development and career conversations
Practice, support and mentoring accessed seamlessly


Our classrooms are participative sandboxes that help build connect with concepts and ideas of growth
Activity led, with strong focus on user participation
Simple conceptual explanations with strong user connect
Encouragement and reigniting of development milestones

Mentor Chat

Our Mentors helps the users with contexts, support and personalisation of their journey towards improved performances
A guide to navigate the present and the future
Aware of the users aspirations and capabilities
Provide specific directions that will help the user progress


Bringing the best of peer engagement and learning to the table akin to the case study / caselet system for our users
Enables exploration if real world challenges and outcomes
Drives engagement and relatedness to area of development
Creates the diversity of thoughts and personalities of the real world


Helping users with specific developmental content that is personalised and contextualised to their need
Specifc content that has a clear context
Focus on small bite sized learning
Provide a library that can be used anytime

Our services cater to


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Social Sector

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Impact Funders

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App Completion Rate

Up to 80 hours/week

1:1 App Based Mentoring

Up to 5X


Up to 60%

Lower Cost

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